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Mayo Scissors

Mayo Scissors



Mayo scissors have semi-blunt ends, a feature that distinguishes them from most other surgical scissors

Straight bladed Mayo scissors are designed for cutting body tissue near the surface of a wound.  As straight bladed Mayo scissors are used for cutting sutures, they are also referred to as "suture scissors".

Curved-bladed Mayo scissors allow deeper penetration into they wound than the type with straight blades.  The curved style of scissors used to cut thick tissues such as those found in the uterus, muscles, breast, and foot.  Mayo scissors used for dissection are placed in this the tips are closed.  The scissors are then opened so that the tips open and spread out the tissue during the dissection process.



*** Good Quality surgical instruments made in Pakistan with high grade French or Japanese stainless steel material



Semi-blunt ends


1 each in a display pouch with hanging hole

Item number

32-060 straight 5 1/2" long
32-062 straight 6 1/4 long
32-061 curved 5 1/2" long
32-063 curved 6 1/4" long