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Keyhole shape

Keyhole shapeKeyhole shape

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Ear Notchers Keyhole shape - Made of tough stainless steel


Use a V-ear notcher to notch piglets weighing less than about 25 pounds. These notchers typically make a notch that is 3/16 to 1/4 inch deep. For larger pigs, a notcher that makes notches 1/2 inch deep is recommended

Ear-notching helps identify a pig’s litter and which one of the litter it is, giving each pig a unique identity number. Notches are placed in one of five locations in the pig’s right ear to show the litter number and in one of three locations in the left ear to show the individual pig number. “Reading” the notches allows producers, judges, and other swine professionals to know more about the pig they’re viewing.



Material: stainless steel


Locking clip

Blade spring


1 each in a display pouch with hanging hole

Item number

32-605 Keyhole shape medium notch 12 mm

7 inches long

(18 cm)

32-615 Keyhole shape large notch 18 mm

7 inches long


32-606 Keyhole shape X large notch 18 mm

9 inches long